EARTH – Barichara (2012)

BUILDING LOCAL: EARTH was a 10-day design-build workshop in Barichara Colombia. It explored the aesthetic, assembly and tectonic qualities of local materials: earth, stone, fique, bamboo and wood. The design-build studio engaged students in a series of workshops that culminated in the design and construction of an efficient and innovative farmhouse.

It took place from June 15 to June 25, 2012

 This design-build studio was open to graduate, upper-level undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) and professionals who were interested in engaging in the explorations of these techniques and their use in contemporary architecture.

We are grateful to have had participation and contribution of:

Ballesteros Family: Marta, Roberto, Lady,Patricia, Javier,

Andrea Acuña

Frédérique Jonnard

Laurel Christensen

Stephanie Gil Zacarías

Ben Kaufmann

Andres Llano

Carolina Gomez

Richard Fernau

Owen Fernau

Brian Coffey

Pedro Aparicio

Juliana Ramirez

Roberto Deseda

Camilo Holguin

Andres Rubio

Hernando Incapié


Special Thanks to:

Nina Sertich

Beatriz Aparicio

Jorge Carrizosa

Esperanza Rodriguez



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