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BUILDING LOCAL:: BAMBOO 2015 explored various bamboo species, including guadua and caña brava,  while engaging students in a series of workshops tand culminated in the design and construction of an efficient and innovative kiosk.

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**photo credit bamboo workshops: Natalia Dulcey -Projects with Fundación Escuela para la Vida


The 15-day Design-build workshop explored the tectonic and aesthetic qualities of bamboo, understanding the material from its source, to its application in construction, architecture, industrial design, and arts and crafts.

The workshop consisted of initial visits and lectures to understand part of the chain value around bamboo, including its planting, propagation, treatment and transformations and  included hands-on building experience as well as multiple lectures by experts on the subject.

The design-build component focused on the construction of a bamboo kiosk, studying multiple construction techniques with bamboo, experimenting with both traditional construction, as well as more contemporary and experimental methods that incorporated different types of connections and joints.


August 2 to August 15, 2015



It was held in the beautiful Valley of Cocora, near the town of Salento.

Participants stayed in a beautiful traditional coffee farm style home- “Finca La Campina”- one of the only 10 fincas in the valley, now a protected zone.

For more information on the town, area and region >>CLICK HERE.


This design-build studio was open to graduate, upper-level undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) and professionals who were interested in engaging in the explorations of these techniques and their use in contemporary architecture.

The workshop was targeted to architects and engineers but we welcome people from multiple backgrounds and levels of experience.





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